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Living room from Italy

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The surface beauty of every living room must be completed with quality and functionality, saving free space and not burdening the atmosphere.

Furniture e-shop Blissinhome gives its clients a perfect opportunity to purchase the Italian furniture for their significant living room on beneficial terms. The best manufactories of the world offer a wide range of variants for the living room.

In particular modern attributes of the high-class furniture for the Italian living rooms embody exquisite traditions of the cabinet-making.

Sophistication, quality and exclusiveness of the furniture items promote a classy and a luxurious design creation as well as preserving a cozy and a comfortable atmosphere.

If you are a fan of the ancient Italy style, slight springs of the baroque and sophisticated classics or art deco, then perfect collections of the factory «Guadarte» will catch fancy with certainty.

The main unique feature of this factory furniture is a possibility to create an inimitable composition, since furniture interior design can not be inside the boundaries of one style.

The classics owing to its graceful details coated with iron, which are tinted with precious metals (a king of metals and silver), is transformed into indefinite transitionary style from a mysterious orient to the baroque.

If sculptural compositions are present in the décor, the orient and baroque styles bring some aeriality. And here comes what is called aesthetics of space, based on a subtle margin between different styles.

One can feel a mystery, aeriality and vivid luxury in the atmosphere. A wide range of the Italian furniture for the living room made from the wood of different kinds is presented in our shop Blissinhome.


An Italian factory «Medea» embodies a genuine aesthetics of authentic style and beauty.  The «Medea» factory produces sophisticated furniture issues for the living room in a modern style. The most well-known and popular direction is «art nouveau».

The peculiarity of such Italian living room furniture is a special wood processing. A professional obtains a texture picture of the grain development, smoking it with ageing effect and silver- and goldplating, covering with a special lacquer or patina.

This factory’s furniture don’t have a «backside».

Both outer and inner sides are processed in the same way.

Upholstering soft furniture the professional lays pearls on textile with his own hand as well as some other decoration elements, and paints leather artfully, creating graceful jacquarette. Elite furniture offered by «Medea» factory embays a host into unique beauty atmosphere, where such definition as the time fades away.

Cattelan and Meteora

Design shape and laconic geometry pattern in a modern interior create a peculiar atmosphere.

But modern Italian furniture for the living room becomes an embodiment of not only provocative designer ideas but also a comfortable atmosphere. The Italian furniture for the living room from «Cattelan» factory is considered to be an excellent solution for the living rooms in minimalism style. Each of the articles is the very picture of the most unusual images and irreproachable style of aesthetically laconic interiors. The «Cattelan» factory uses for production only natural modern materials made of rare woods and chrome plated or aluminum parts, marble, leather, cut glass, synthetical or natural textile, immaculately polished glass and hot-pressed metal.

Elite Italian furniture of minimalism style pleasantly surprises when filling the interior with notes of non-trivial feeling of time and space depth.

The «Meteora» factory offers ultramodern furniture for harmonic and convenient space. This furniture will perfectly fit into the living room styles of the minimalism and the high tech. But here not unique geometry is stressed, but preciosity and elegance of the details. The «Meteora» factory is the embodiment of sophistication and significance of each separate detail of the general space geometry.

Decorative fixture production may be performed from an oak wood, smoked into mocha coffee tone, and as concerning the finish, here the oak wood, nutwood, sisal combined with other rare materials are applied.

Such kind of living room furniture from Italy breaks stereotypes in interior modern style interpretation – laconism can be realized in the elegance of the details and exquisiteness of the décor.

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