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Italian furniture online store. 300 factories. Worldwide delivery

To date, the Italian furniture is very popular throughout the world because of its durability, practicality and great design. It is not surprising that many people tend to buy furniture from Italy, as it allows you to get at your disposal real masterpieces of art furniture that will harmonize with the overall interior space. Italian furniture, which can be ordered with the help of special companies working in this field, is able to form a unique and truly cozy space in the house, bringing in a special interior element of luxury and comfort.

Today anyone can buy furniture from Italy almost directly from the manufacturer - with the help of our online store BLS-House.

If you are interested where to buy Italian furniture - contact us, because we have the broadest range of furniture from Italy, so you can easily find and buy a sofa, table or bedroom set, wardrobe, desk and a lot of other things. Now you do not have to ponder over the question of where to buy furniture in Italy. All you need is choose your favorite model in our catalog and place an order, after which the product will be delivered directly from Italy to your exact address. Contact us, and you can stop just dreaming on "buying Italian furniture" or "buying furniture from Italy", you can turn your dreams into reality, with our help.

Choosing furniture on our site is incomparably more convenient than doing it at a shop from catalogs or samples! And here's why:

1. You are not limited in time. You can spend all day on the selection of furniture on our website, as well as a week or half an hour. Just imagine what salon shop consultant would think about you, and how you will feel yourself if you spend all day with him, asking 100 questions and in the end do not buy anything. On our site, you can to spend any amount of time, ask any number of questions and feel no discomfort. After all, nobody even sees you.

2. In front of your eyes, you have huge catalog of furniture with prices, sizes, and photographs. In addition, you are offered with very convenient search engine and filter system on the site. For example, if you need a chest of drawers of certain size, style, color and price range, only at our site you can see all the options, not just the ones that salesman want You to see.

3. You can choose furniture at any time convenient for you. It does not matter whether it is a working day or a holiday, day or night, at home or at work, while the baby sleeps. Absolutely at any time.

4. Not any salon shop can offer you such a wide range as our site. To place a regular 1 bedroom, you need about 10 square meters. Accordingly, to place 200 bedrooms, it is necessary to have more than 2000 square meters plus passages. The same goes for living rooms, upholstered furniture, dining rooms, kid’s rooms, cabinets, etc. Do you know many furniture stores of several tens of thousands of square meters near your home area?

5. Prices in the online store are usually lower than in a salon shop. After all, we do not need to pay for the shopping area. We do not need to illuminate, heat, repair and clean it.

6. You can always discuss your choice with a spouse, parents, children or friends. To do this, you do not have to bring them to the store. Simply give them a link or call them to the computer, and they can participate in the selection, without leaving sofa or working place.

7. You do not need to go anywhere. No need to think what language to speak. For example, in Spain there is a great furniture store on Mallorca. However, the trip there is like an adventure, and not all customers can speak Spanish. It is much easier to go to the site www.bls-house.com and see more furniture at the best prices in the native language.

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