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2 door showcases from Italy

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The main function of any two-door display cabinet is showcasing selected on taste and a rare collection of moving pictures or favorite books, trophies and awards, antiques, beautiful glassware and china, souvenirs, reminiscent of the past travels, inside the furniture product. 

This important part of the set of furniture of the living room, bedroom or kitchen is equipped with a glass facade, the side walls of which are also decorated in transparent glass with the installation of lighting. Sometimes the mirror is embed into the back wall to visually expand the interior space, and attract even more attention to the internal content. The composition of the corner display cabinet with a chest of drawers and a mirror combined with two-door display cabinet is perfect for the dining room. And single-door display cabinet and TV cabinet combined with two-door will look best in the living room. 

Two-door display cabinets will look appropriate and harmonious in the cabinets were books are kept, in the children’s room where space for toys or books is needed. Due to its versatility, two-door display cabinets are indispensable in the design of any interior. If books will be kept in the display cabinets, shelves design should contain strong elements of plywood or chipboard. If display cabinet purpose is storing utensils and china, preference is given to glass shelves. Modern trends in decorating the display cabinets elements prefer the use of plastic and metal, sometimes expedient combination of natural wood, veneer and particleboard. The style of the interior of the display cabinets can change the look - the strict minimalism or fashionable classic. 

Italian furniture factories manufacturers represent a wide range of two-door display cabinets of different heights and styles, ranging from classic and modern, and ending with a popular Provence.

Choosing display cabinet. What is worth special attention?

Important points when selecting two-door display cabinet:

  • Existence of feet. Some buyers are concerned that dust will accumulate under the display cabinet with feet, while others advocate for ensuring that feet are not included, because this design looks more heavy and monolithic. Solely a matter of taste of each;
  • Crown of a display cabinet. The outstanding part of this piece of furniture is, of course, the crown. Italian craftsmen of classical style under their own steam finish the upper trim point of the two-door display cabinet, sparing no time and efforts. Sometimes synthetic materials are used in the manufacture. Very often, this furniture is topped with a gold or silver finish.

The question arises about the possibility of the use of display cabinets as an alternative to the bookcase. If provide an increased strength for shelves for the stability of the structure, it is, conceptually, possible. But the Italian two-door display cabinets with glass shelves are better to use for their intended purpose. Display cabinet is an icon of the room, the place that draws the attention of the guest first. Therefore, Italian manufacturers have provided thoughtful design with a high-quality illumination.

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