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Dining tables from Italy

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Today's realities are such that high-quality Italian dining table should be in the first positions of the list of essential attributes of any kitchen interior. It is with this piece of furniture the value of comfort degree when eating is associated. People who choose such a piece of furniture for themselves focus their attention on the quality of the Italian manufacturer which can guarantee excellent comfort when use, increased functionality, attractive design.

Italian dining tables and chairs will harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen and give it a special color and comfort.

Many furniture factories engaged in manufacturing of Italian furniture of exclusively dining group - table and chairs. Manufacturers that narrowly targeted on this segment of production have guaranteed continuous development and success in the marketplace.

Designers with world names are developing concepts of new models of tables and chairs for kitchen of different variations. To buy glass, dining, coffee table or a work desk of the best world manufacturers: Cattelan, Seven Sedie, Veneta Sedie, Porada, Tonin, Turri, Mobilidea on the best parity "price-quality" is possible with an internet salon Blissinhome.

Dining tables from Italy with a strong thick glass which a countertop is made from has become especially popular. This stylish furniture accessory is typical for high-tech, modern and minimalism. In the classic interior, art deco or Empire style a countertop framed in a wooden frame will look good.

Popularity of sliding kitchen tables of Italy is based on four components:

  • Practical design;

  • Good European quality;

  • Affordable price;

  • Positive feedback from buyers.

In the catalog on the website of our furniture “Blissinhome” online salon, you can choose Italian dining table in various sizes, in shape of a square, a circle, a rectangle or an oval, with or without transformation.

The most extensive furniture category of Italian factories furniture manufacturers is the seating furniture (chairs and their subtypes). Catalogs of European brands are full of a variety of models and make the choice difficult for the confused customer. Online store Blissinhome offers a wide range of Italian chairs of the best giant factories of this industry: Gianpaolo, Calligaris, Arredo3, Altamoda.

The key elements that set the tone of any environment (merry feast, solitary drinking coffee in the mornings, family supper or cozy dinner) are kitchen tables and chairs made in Italy. Therefore, the acquisition of these items of kitchen interior should be treated with the maximum attention. Italian furniture factories - are designer interiors fashion trendsetters, the diversity of choice of models of luxury dining chairs and tables Italy is represented.

Dining tables Oval Italy in a modern style are featured with the original shape, high reliability and a stylish, modern design.

Wooden tables in the classics, Rococo or Baroque are designed to bring in dining room notes of harmony

Sliding Italian tables for kitchen will make it a practical and unique. The use of transformers-tables will become your real salvation in case of unexpected guests visit. The simple design of the sliding table for a moment will transform it into a large and comfortable table for lunch or dinner. Italian models of such tables have a unique design, high-quality tabletop, are compact and unsurpassed execution of wood.

Abstracting from the new-fangled trends, the production of classic wooden tables and chairs of the Italian production does not cease to be actual. For example, the Veneta Sedie factory produce many exquisite models of tables with elegant forms on massive legs. Classically oriented factories always carefully sel ect material for their furniture, giving preference to valuable breeds of natural wood only.

Thus, Seven sedie factory catalog contains different variations of elite models, countertops of which are made of solid wood of walnut and beech trees.

The choice of the kitchen table. What you should pay attention to.

To choose the best option of the Italian kitchen table purchase the following should be carefully analyzed:

  1. The materials used in the production. Must be of extremely high quality, natural-based. Prices for luxury furniture can vary considerably due to the fine wood used in the manufacture;

  2. The degree of perfection of design solutions and forms.

  3. Rectangular shaped tables have considerable capacity and fit perfectly into any room. Round Shape Tables require allocating space, however, are very suitable for family gatherings. Despite the sophisticated look, the original reliable Italian furniture will guaranteed serve its owner for many years. Purchase of an expensive table is likely to become a long-term investment. With each passing year you will see an increase of antique value of acquired accessory;

  4. Comfort and practicality should perfectly match with the aesthetics and beauty. Experts say that the Italian furniture is extremely problematic to confuse with non-original products;

  5. Appearance and racy Italian "spirit" are inherent in tables fr om the masters of the Apennine peninsula. Even the modern execution style of the Italian kitchen table can be a work of art.

Modern styles are distinguished by the trend to use in the furniture manufacture only natural based materials. Sliding tables for kitchen of Italian production by Porada factory are characterized by skillful combination of glass and metal with natural wood. Visually weightless glass countertop is complemented by wonderfully interestingly shaped wooden base of tables of this factory. Italian sliding dining tables of Catellan factory are made in the modern style, and have an original appearance with pointed restrained design.

Exemplary Italian table made of natural wood - is a carrier of aesthetic, artistic value. Factories execute handmade intarsia, carving, polishing and lacquering of these products. Such tables are characterized by elegance, ease, no taking up space visually. The cost of manual work of highly qualified specialists in the Italian furniture manufacturing shall not be reduced over time, respectively owners of such luxurious instances made by hand can consider this as quite profitable investment of their funds.

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