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Dispute resolution

The Seller abides by the Consumer Protection Law.
The seller must offer an effective system for settlement of dispute and identify the person, whom the Customer can contact by telephone or e-mail in case of any problems. Claims procedure described on the web pages is simple and confidential.
  The Seller accepts:
- Written claims sent by registered letter or by e-mail;
- Oral claims received or transmitted by telephone;
 The Seller confirms acceptance of the claim within 5 working days, informs the Customer about the processing time, and reports on the progress.
  In cases where a longer period is necessary to consider the claim, the Seller notifies the Customer about the extension of time and its reasons.
If the Customer does not get a response in written form, an authorized employee of the Seller shall orally notify the Customer of the Seller’s decision.
Written response to the claim is sent to the address indicated by the Customer.
The Seller understands the importance of customer dispute with regards to litigation, and incommensurability between the economic value of claims and expenses concerned with the dispute. This is the main reason for the Customer not to go to court to resolve problems. Therefore the Seller tries as much as possible to resolve the dispute by reaching an agreement with the Customer.

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