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TV stands from Italy

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Italian craftsmen with many years of experience with refined and luxurious furniture, argue that TV stand not only performs the function of the stand for mounting video on it. It is a separate, individual element of the interior, along with a sofa, a table or a bed. It is charged with a serious duty of embellishment and emphasizing a given style of the room. 

Such famous brands as Arca, Grilli, Belutti, La Contessina, Medea, Mida, Mironi, Pistolesi, Provasi are full of a variety of Italian frames and racks for TV, cabinets and showcases with a variety of sizes and shapes of execution.

Leading furniture companies offer a huge range of TV stands, integrated into racks and stands. Modern monitors and TVs with wide screens stand conveniently in such auxiliary stands. Italian TV stands are a turnkey solution in the interior of most of the rooms. Traditionally, this furniture is divided in style. The classic version involves the use of noble materials in decoration and rich decor.

Home furnishings can significantly add to the presentable, stateliness and respectability through the use of in the interior of such decorative element as a long TV stand. Whether it is a chic lounge room, living room or office, TV stand, thanks to a special shape and flawless, verified work of the Italian craftsmen, will add harmony and complement the interior of any room. 

In the catalog of online store Blissinhome you can find a stand with a frame covered with foil of gold or silver, or choose the option with leather trim or using forged. Widely distributed are round stands having similarities with antique mirrors. Very popular is a trend of artificial aging of wood in combination with a hand-carved. In addition to some models frosted or clear glass, providing greater functionality, fits. If you are targeting to purchase a TV stand in the classic style, adding a tinge of modern decor, it is necessary to consider proposals of such factories manufacturers as: Turri, Angelo Cappellini, Paolo Lucchetta, Angela Bizzarri, Tonin, Mirandola, Antonelli Moravio.

It also can be seen antique style with oval and round shapes. Italian TV stands in the Art Nouveau are presented by numerous solo stands exclusively for TV. Here strict geometric shapes with frosted tree, bend glass with chrome metal base are present. There are also round tables, but they are more like a window than the old mirror frame.

Any modern TV stand of the Italian production has its own design features and is added to a particular style of interior. An important technical characteristic of the stand must be a high degree of strength, as the installed overall technology can have a significant weight. 

Choice of different models of TV stands

For the living room furniture for TV in the form of a bookcase or simple impressive design with additional storage compartments can be used. The type of stand - attachments or floor execution – depends on the type of installation.

Furniture has small sizes. Opposite such stand it is customary to place a sofa or seating area. There are many forms of stands variations fr om the classic rectangular, to a semi-circular or oval. A corner TV stand by which the corner space is used efficiently and significantly saved the space, is a very practical solution.

If in the interior there is a showcase or a cabinet, which provides specially equipped space for the installation of the TV, the expedient variant is with hinged TV pedestal. Monolithic furniture set combines all the necessary functional set of composite structural elements - chest, foam, wardrobe, shelves, and cabinet, for easy placement of various items inside them.

Based on the size of the TV, you should choose the optimal ratio of the width, depth and height of the TV stand. Equally important is the original design which emphasizes styling of the room (for example, the use of contrasting color combinations, or a combination of glass, rattan and metal). The image of living room in the style of high-tech will be supplemented with laconic glass or metal cabinet. Experiments with different colors of stands from sheet composite material will not hurt to the classical interior.

Modern TV stands radically differ from the classic. Presence of minimalism and reticence of the style are specific for these products.

The splendor of Italian stands in country style, fill the atmosphere of a living room with an extraordinary ease, simplicity, comfort and warmth of a family. 

Implementation of TV stands in the living room interior

  • Historical style, on the example of the classic, wh ere modern appliances does not very fit, involves placing the closed TV stands. Such products provide rotation or the entire structure or individual elements (worktops). All audio and video equipment is discreetly placed inside the body;
  • For mobile pedestals there are requirements for mobility. The composition of products includes moving wheels, mounting bracket, power outlet and a groove for wiring. To start the free movement of a stand it is necessary to disconnect the power cord;

Plasm stand in the form of an open rack crossed with the stand with a mounting bracket.

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