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Corner sofas from Italy

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When choosing the Italian corner sofas you should pay attention to their strength characteristics, practicality, functionality and design. For a traditional interior model of wooden or leather sofas will fit, and models in the modern, neo-classical or hi-tech style will look harmonious in a modern interior. Due to its functionality, this furniture fits perfectly in the large room, and the small-sized. In a small room, leather corner sofa from Italy will look great, occupying space in the corner of the room and saving space for other furniture objects.

An excellent choice for “small space rooms” is corner folding Italian sofas that take up little space when folded.

Famous Italian “mebeliero” present perfect models of modern corner sofas, which subtly emphasize the chosen style of the room, with expensive and high-quality upholstery, which highly reliable mechanism of transformation is complemented by strong fittings.

The modern trend is more inclined to the Palace and the Baroque style, exquisite Baroque and Rococo.

To purchase Italian sofas anywhere in the world is possible with our online store Blissinhome.

Photos and prices on the sofas you can see in our catalog on blissinhome.com site.

In our furniture salon Blissinhome selling of luxury Italian sofas at affordable prices from the best factories of manufacturers of Italy passes.

Most corner sofas of Italian production can serve as a full berth, thanks to built-in mechanism of transformation. According to individual orders, some models can be equipped in accordance with the location of the room, to the left or right. The opportunity of molding of semi-circular models, is often not available, but such sofa is enough wide and comfortable. L-shaped sofa is a traditional option for most models. It can be oriented at an angle, and if necessary added with armrests.

Some products are equipped with solid back, in others their function is performed by individual soft blocks. Very often retractable clothesline niche, countersunk bar or other constructive unexpected surprise can be in the corner sofa. No wonder that many proposals coming from people who want to achieve through the Italian corner sofa not only home comfort, but also to do out office environment with their help.

Italian masters manufacture strict and practical sofas in public places to order. Models of the huge island sofas will look large scale in the halls of office buildings, health centers, recreation areas, and shopping malls. By some models replenishment and special order is possible.

Stylistics of any purchased sofas promotes their constructive diversity. The interior of the palace era was spangled with elegant folding couches with asymmetrical backs. Rooms then were furnished with extreme luxury and style. Corner sofas became boudoir ornament of royals or nobles important. Modern well-situated people very often want to do out their apartments in a luxurious historical style. To purchase a refined imported sofa from Italy, thus underlining its status, is the right decision.

However, most people still prefer practicality and minimalism. The main is that the functionality, construction and design of each item in the interior were perfect and elegant.

Upholstery for the Italian corner sofa differs with a wide choice of material. The upholstery in velour, gabardine, artificial leather, and natural leather of various colors - this list goes on and on.

Exactly natural leather of sofas of Italian production has the highest quality of performance, perfectly transfers the load and has the least degree of stretching, in comparison with other manufacturers.

Pet lovers will appreciate fabric upholstery of sofas made of flock - very strong and durable material.

To change your old sofa out of all recognition, giving it a new image, you can by reupholstering or by changing covers. A radical change of style, using this simple method, is possible thanks to the constructive perfection of furniture of the best Italian masters. Colours of cushions you can choose based on the color scheme of the living space and the color of the sofa upholstery. 

Choosing outdoor model

In the catalog of our online store there are no bad samples, you can only make a mistake in choosing the right sofa for you. If the client is interested in purchasing a sofa-transformer, the main emphasis must be made not on choosing external signs or rich leather upholstery, but on the functionality and advantages of a folding design. If you choose a sofa for the head, the attention to the multipurpose layout leaves aside the overall impression of the model. Two corner leather sofas, set in front of each other at different corners, will perfectly underlined a solid environment of the premise.

There are variants of multi-place models, designed for a large company, for meetings or friendly gatherings.

Home conditions are conducive to the acquisition of corner Italian sofas with the possibility of transformation in a bed. Some people, who have problems with the spine, cannot tolerate flexible bed. For a comfortable full rest corner sofa corner fits perfectly.

Classic corner sofa perfectly copes with the zoning of the space in the spacious room.

The most thoughtful, reliable, convenient and modern mechanism of transformation is euro-book. From other models, this embodiment is characterized in that it is equipped with a protective wall and a spacious bed. The lowest, but no less reliable, than euro-book, is sleeping accommodation equipped with pull-out mechanism. Suffice convenient option may be the construction of the “Dolphin”, with the lower pull-out part and drop-down, by clicking on a special handle with the top part.

Suitable for temporary use, less easy to use and reliable is the “clamshell” mechanism.

Italian manufacturer fills their sofas with polyurethane. Durability of this synthetic analog of latex is up to the mark as the ability to retain the shape. When purchasing a corner sofa an important indicator of high quality is high density filler. Loose filler cannot provide sufficient softness. The manufacturer recommends models of natural material filler (latex). In this case the prevention of diseases of bones and joints, such as scoliosis, arthrosis, and arthritis is provided. Sofa, filled with latex - the most durable option of all presented.

Frame of corner sofas of Italian production is made from a single solid wood, mostly pine. Decorative items are made of beech, oak, and birch.

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