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4-5 seat sofas from Italy

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All Italian direct large quadruple sofas have high functionality and attractive design.

In the catalog of our online store of luxury furniture Blissinhome a wide range of large sofas from the best factories of manufacturers in Italy: Angelo Cappellini, Bedding, Carlo Asnaghi, Domingo Salotti, Elledue, Fratelli Radice, Mantellassi, Paolo Lucchetta, Seven Sedie, Zanaboni and others is presented.

For example, elegant leather sofas of Casa Gioiello collection from high quality masters of Mantellassi factory in Art Deco style with a filling of polyurethane foam will add notes of luxury and gentility in your living room.

Any owner of a spacious and elite living room is wondered about the choice of a large sofa.

Purchase of such a piece of furniture saves its owner from having to purchase additional bulky armchairs and chairs. If functionally such sofa will perform the “mission” of a full bed, it is necessary to provide in advance and pick up the basic mechanism of transformation. At choosing a product you need to consider the impact of human anthropometric data. For convenience, you can choose a sofa with deep planting. Some models are equipped with optional extra pillows cushions to fix your back or rising cushion for feet. 

Shape, style and upholstery of a sofa

All 4-seat sofas can be divided by style in the following types:

  • Classic. The predominance of smooth shapes and an abundance of drapery;
  • Modern. Unnecessary items are no frilly maintaining practicality and versatility;
  • Minimalistic. The plain design and a rectangular shape, without presence of the armrests;
  • Baroque. The abundance of unusual designs and patterns on the upholstery. These models differ by 30-centimeter wooden carved legs and armrests.

The original solution for a spacious room can become a semicircular sofa that will attract everyone's attention. It can serve as a space separator of the rest zone from the corridor, dining room. In Blissinhome catalog a variety of options of sofas design for a large company, which became the epitome of the rich design ideas of the Italian masters are presented.

Indicator of seats elasticity will depend directly on the filler material. As a sleeping accommodation it is convenient to use the sofa with Bonnel cushion unit, covered with coconut fiber or thermo-felt.

Upholstery seam, both from the back and the outside must be flat and smooth. Upholstery fabric should be practical, easy to clean, resistant to wear. Leather sofas are more wear-resistant. Our catalog presents the products of velour, micro-velour, tapestry, chenille, jacquard, artificial leather and suede. The most not fastidious in care are models of jacquard and chenille. They possess sufficient strength and resistance to fading.

The best option is considered chenille and jacquard, which are easily maintained. Such fabrics do not fade and are strong enough.

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