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News by Scappini 02.07.2402.07.2024News by Scappini 02.07.24
The pleasure of a desk with rétro charme.

News by Opera Contemporary 11.0627.06.2024News by Opera Contemporary 11.06
Wide headboards:
an iconic element of Opera Contemporary.

News by Il Loft 27.0627.06.2024News by Il Loft 27.06

News by Angelo Cappellini 17.0617.06.2024News by Angelo Cappellini 17.06
Borromini home office:
Refinement and versatility.

Guaranteed lowest prices on furniture20.05.2013Guaranteed lowest prices on furniture
We guarantee the lowest prices on furniture sold .  
If someone offered you the furniture as we do with a similar set of services at a price lower than ours. You have the opportunity to inform us that in any salon or online store you are offered a cheaper furniture . We will check the information and are likely to give you an additional discount . This offer does not apply to the elimination of a particular store, sell someone exhibition samples, sale of furniture with defects, buy fake furniture and other similar situations .       

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