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Sofas&armchairs from Italy

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A special attention during choosing the living room interior decoration must be paid to a breakout area. For ideal coziness and comfort atmosphere, for the sound relaxation and decompression one should select an Italian soft furniture.

If you came into difficulty which Italian producer to choose, you should focus on products of the leading factories in Italy producing elite soft furniture: VittoriaOrlandi, BrunoZampa, Turri, SartoriaDelMobile, SignoriniCoco, Pentamobili, Opificio, NicolineSalotti, LudovicaMascheroni, Marchetti, Salda, Giemmegi and other. They use only the best quality wood, natural fabric with semi-precious stones and crystals for their soft leather furniture. This classical approach helps to create a resistant to aging product which will be easily  renovated.

If a customer is interested in purchasing a really unique product a professional Italian boutique in cooperation with the leading artists and designers of Italy will ultimately help to choose a union of authentic design and the handwork of the highest level of quality. 

You can buy the Italian soft furniture anywhere in the world owing to our e-shop Blissinhome.

Photos and prices for the soft furniture made in Italy are available in our catalogue on website blissinhome.com.

In our furniture saloon Blissinhome an elite soft furniture sale at affordable prices from the leading Italian factories takes place.

The right choice of a leather soft furniture from Italy

Almost every model can be painted with different colours and done out with various finishing made to order. Wooden furniture should be painted taking into account a deep painting penetration into the wood structure. As a result such kind of furniture is easier to be renovated. The following polishing may be implemented with not so dense layer, so that the material pores are not entirely occluded. It is made for better wood «breathing». One should distinguish the marks put on the Italian leather soft furniture. During stretching over the furniture with mark «leather» a front- and a backside are covered with natural leather. The marking «leather+» means that the natural leather was used only on a work space, and all the rest parts are covered with imitation leather.

Small details may make the cost for the soft furniture higher. Much leather is used for cushions, consequently the price will be increased. Every customer must be aware about different leather categories. Depending on a factory-producer its classification is limited by ten categories. The higher category, the better furniture quality.

 The materials for producing of Italian soft furniture are notable for their ecological cleanness and totally safety for people’s life. The frames are made from a very firm wood and then are thoroughly conditioned. The experts note the wooden details particular long life time and fixity toward rot and external injury. Perfect leather models are worth only magnifical epithets.

Italian soft furniture. Modern style.

The upholstery made from leather, imitation leather or textile is mainly sole-coloured. It can be black, silver, white, gray, sometimes red. The Italian armchairs and sofas are organized with soft deep seats, chrome-plated feet and armrests. The furniture performed in modern style or high tech style is notable for its ergonomic design and extra functionality. Extended functionality contains various regulators and secondary elements for the best possible comfort and regulation opportunity for the patient specific physiological parameters. Modern style in soft furniture demands broad space at the minimum of elements blocking available surface.

 The Italian soft furniture creates a special style for future which will be suitable for self-confident, goal-oriented people, having a desire to live in luxury, comfort and harmony.

The main advantages of the Italian soft furniture

  • Italian producers emphasize the long life time of the goods. The conditioned in a special way high quality materials are meant for more than 80 years of life service;

  • Factory-producer follows an ecological safety and European standards;

  • Well-thought-out soft furniture possesses a perfect style. A wide range of models is available in the catalogue owing to a rich imagination of workers, bringing to reality potential customers recommendations. 

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