Modern living rooms from Italy

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Art Nouveau philosophy involves the smooth and simplicity. You can’t find any unwieldiness and massiveness here. A feeling of tranquility prevails over the atmosphere of luxury.

An asymmetry echoes closely the minimalism of colors and shapes. The uniqueness of each piece of Italian furniture in the Art Nouveau style is visible; all attributes put together arrange the image of the whole picture of stylish room. 

Unique features for Italian living room furniture in the Art Nouveau style 

  • The variety of intricate images;
  • Smooth lines in geometry;
  • A variety of floral patterns;
  • Asymmetries, ornaments and nature;
  • Numerous references to nature. 

In furniture of the Art Nouveau style from Blissinhome online store you can notice the close connection of nature and modern - it is the expected human reaction to the increasing technological progress influence on our lives. Now with the excessive new technologies mankind is coming back to a primal charm of natural origins. The color range is presented mostly in natural shades: green, violet, and pearl grey tones, bright and warm colors of autumn. The increased demands of softness and tenderness are made to the color scheme.

Do not use screaming bright colors, that contrary to the Art Nouveau aesthetics. This is because the purpose of this style is bringing into the room a subdued atmosphere of comfort. The use of such materials in the decorative elements as stone, plaster, glass and ceramic mosaic and crystal are welcome. The texture and colour experiments with the ceiling design are allowed. Even with a modest option of ceiling finishing, it is possible to create a unique atmosphere with a chic lamp.

With Blissinhome online salon it is possible to buy Italian living room furniture in the Art Nouveau style at an affordable price, with a quality warranty.

Thoughtful design with smooth lines and clear forms that you can notice in shelves, tables, cabinets, will match any modern interior easily. Ergonomic furnishings emphasize the rational space.

The most important invention of the Italian living room furniture in modern style is the use of furniture with a distinctive functionality and visual lightness. Forged items, returned in fashion due to the Art Nouveau style, bring the interior a touch of brutality, while maintaining a stylish and unusual exterior. The Art Nouveau style is rich in numerous ornamental grates and railings of stairs. Wavy lines that decorated doors, furniture and walls have a symbolic value for the given style. The modern interior is filled with floral ornaments; there are fabulous creatures, elves, mermaids on its images. site uses cookies for the proper functioning of the website and a better user experience. By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies.   YES, I accept Details.