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Sofa-beds from Italy

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You can purchase Italian sofa in our furniture online store Blissinhome at the best prices with quality assurance from the European manufacturer.

Catalog of online store Blissinhome includes only actual photos and prices of Italian sofas that are available.

To purchase closet-size bed or convertible sofa made in Italy it is necessary to choose the items you need from the extensive range of our catalog on blissinhome.com site. From the variety of models of high-quality luxury Italian convertible sofas you can pick up that option, which perfectly fits into the interior of your room.

Italian sofa-beds with a robust mechanism of transformation will be the ideal choice for those who want to save a maximum of space for the installation of other furniture. 

Important steps before you purchase an Italian bed-sofa

After examining the assortment of furniture stores the buyer sets his/her heart on some model. First of all you need to check the comfort of the acquired upholstered furniture in reality. Directly in the salon to check the model you are interested in, go to it and judge the feelings. Another, no less important factor in the choice of high-grade Italian sofa-bed, is check of the mechanism of transformation of a sofa bed. After alternately folding and unfolding the product, it is possible to ascertain in the mechanism of strength, ride and convenience in handling in comparison with other models, and the absence of possible malfunctions.

Properly chosen mattress will help to fully enjoy the newly acquired furniture. Depending on the type of sofa you can choose the appropriate type of mattress. The use of orthopedic mattresses is recommended for non-convertible models of sofas. These mattresses are taking shape of the body, providing a comfortable environment for a restful sleep. Modern anatomic mattress consists of a unit with independent Bonnel cushions, top coated with polyurethane or vinyl Coir. This “filling” promotes uniform distribution of the load, taking it from the spine. It helps to improve blood circulation, to ensure normal conditions for the work of internal organs.

For people with back pain it is better to use polyurethane foam mattresses, corresponding to the remaining species of sofas. They have sufficient rigidity. Filler of such mattress will maintain the shape and volume for 20-25 years.

Choosing filling material of back or seat is not less important than the arrangement of sleeping accommodation. Often, these elements are functionally the part of the bed to sleep. Italian manufacturers make products of natural materials:

  • Batting;
  • Felt;
  • Latex.

They practically do not tend to fracture and satisfy all the requirements for environmental safety, having a very long service life.

Synthetic loses to “natural product” in longevity, but the pricing on these products is much lower. Relatively budgetary models of polyurethane foam, polyurethane, and foam plastic also have their customer audience. Not bearing the test of time, some fillers, in particular foam plastic, are prone to bursting. Therefore, it is ought to prefer and give special attention to the most durable internal parts of the above: latex, polyurethane foam and Bonnel cushion units.

The undeniable advantage of the convertible sofa is the presence of underwear drawer.

The most important element, which determines the duration of life of the Italian convertible sofa, is upholstery. Elite models are upholstered with leather. Note that the presence of PTFE impregnation in upholstery gives the cover of the article water repellency characteristics. Besides, additional protection from the effects of dirt and dust is provided. An alternative to impregnation is less expensive, but equally effective Teflon spray.

Soft, practical and pleasant to the touch is chenille upholstery. Such material fits perfectly for children's rooms.

Upholstered furniture for permanent use must meet not only the requirements of subjective aesthetic beauty, but also security. It is best to set your heart on those models in the manufacture which were used natural materials and proven technology. This furniture does not cause allergic reactions. In Blissinhome store only top quality Italian convertible sofas from the best factories manufacturers: Ligne Roset, Altamoda, Daniela Lucato, Futura, Kappa Salotti, Morelato, Pentamobili, Salda Arredamenti, Zanaboni and others are presented.

Having purchased in Blissinhome a luxury convertible sofa made in Italy, you will receive a high quality premium product.

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