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Corner showcases from Italy

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Interior of the standard living room is represented by common showcases, which are already a little tired. Each individual and bright personality wants his/her furniture differed not only by advanced functionality, but also by exclusive appeal and addictive unusual. In such cases, the corner showcases for living room will help to transform the space with efficient use of space.

When the corner furniture appeared, the options of furnishing the room much enhanced. Corner showcase in the living room has become quite relevant element in the interior of the classical style. 

Main advantages of the corner showcase

The body of this piece of furniture is made of wood, particleboard or medium density fireboard. For better visualization of the content placed on the shelves, the basic material for the side walls and the front the Italian craftsmen choose glass. Showcase differs from the usual cupboard in size and shape. When rather overall design of cupboard has several cabinets, the corner showcase (often single door) distinguishes by an elongated shape in height. Sometimes there are models with two compartments, the top - glass and the bottom - closed.

Here are the main advantages of the showcase above the cabinet and other furniture “brothers”:

  • glass corner showcase for living room does not take up a lot of space, even in a small room it would be appropriate. For the purpose the showcase does not seem very cumbersome, it is possible to furnish it entirely of glass. Such furniture visually expands the space;
  • spaciousness of corner showcases, especially at existence of the lower drawers, is enough for storing utensils;
  • aristocracy and elegance of hosts is confirmed by presence in the living room of elegant and refined corner cupboard-showcase;
  • the variety of furniture collections adds variation to the buyer when choosing the desired instance;
  • different price categories from budget models to the models of premium class. 

To purchase a high-quality corner showcase in living room at an affordable price it is possible in our furniture online store Blissinhome. 

Possible disadvantages

If your studio apartment has only a living room, the use in the interior of the corner showcase to the detriment of a spacious wardrobe for clothes and linen, is not advisable. This furniture is more a subject of refinement. For the customers who are not interested in purchasing a luxury and expensive instance, and cannot afford to shell out a substantial amount, it is better not to risk purchasing a cheap imitation. This item will have no effect of luxury and alluring appeal of the original Italian corner showcases, made with the use of expensive wood.

To optimally fit corner cupboard-showcase in the interior of the living room is possible, if you follow certain rules. This piece of furniture is designed to attract heightened attention, so it should be placed away from the accent items such as a TV. A corner cupboard will look best in front of the living room. In the classic style of living room it is possible to place several showcases in the adjacent corners of the room, placing between them a chest of drawers for indestructibility of a single whole composition. An interesting variant of transformation of a living room is using the corner showcases as a bar. This solution can take advantage of non-professional collectors of spirits. At the bottom of the closed part of the bar there will be collectible bottles, and at the top, on the glass shelves can be arranged stemware sets, wine glasses, decanters, martinok or other utensils. Near the bar a chair and a table shall be placed, making out thus a complete image area excellent for entertaining. 

How to make the final choice?

After analyzing all the features, advantages and disadvantages of the corner showcases it is possible to give some advice on the correct choice of a quality product:

  • Thorough verification of material. Wood must be free of chips, cracks and scratches. Thickness of solid glass should be more than 4 mm. Installing of frosted or clear glass with applied patterns or without them depends entirely on the preferences of the future owner;
  • When choosing a showcase it is necessary to take into account the overall design concept. Wooden showcase will not be able to adorn hi-tech style room, but definitely will highlight a classic living room;
  • At irregularities in the corners of the flat, installation of this product can only draw attention to this flaw;

The embedded illumination with halogen and LED bulbs facilitates more attention of the guests. Exquisite crystal products on the shelves will complement the item.

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