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Wall storage systems from Italy

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Arrangement of an apartment or private house by your desires and possibilities with reflection of your personality became much easier, thanks to a vast choice of furniture for every single room. Make a choice of suitable furniture with an online store Blissinhome in favor of ultra-modern, practical Italian showcases and shelves for top European quality living room suits at affordable prices. Namely modular living room suits, made in Italy, are famous for their practicality and versatility. 

With Blissinhome our customers can purchase high-quality Italian Art Nouveau showcases, shelves in mounted or wall-mounted and classic vitrines into the living room from the leaders of the furniture industry in Italy. Leading Apennine manufacturers continually monitor the quality and relevance of their products. Living vitrines and modular showcases from Italy are considered the best in its segment, and impress the imagination of its owners with originality, versatility and exclusive design.

Italian vitrines and showcases for living rooms combine luxury and design in a moderate amount of unsurpassed quality. Efficient use of the limited space of a miniature living room is possible thanks to the ideal solution in the form of acquisition of modern showcases and vitrines from the leading Italian brands.

Catalog of our furniture showroom demonstrates the variability in the choosing of amazing Italian furniture for living room.

Any Italian classic showcase - standard of unconditional quality, has always been characterized by elegance of style and fine taste.

First-class functionality of Italian furniture, which has external aesthetics, is not in doubt. No wonder that domestic consumers prefer the Italian manufacturer.

Case furniture from Italy. Main advantages.

  • Presence of a huge number of lockers, plenty of shelves and drawers to accommodate things from clothes to video equipment;
  • Highly expressed aesthetic of Italian showcases enhances and decorates the interior of any style;
  • Perfect quality with a guaranteed long service life with no loss of functionality;
  • The ability to implement individual packaging with the installation of additional modular elements, depending on the financial possibilities and personal needs of the future owner. 

Catalog of Blissinhome store offers a wide assortment of Italian wall shelves with variability of forms, features of decoration and functional load. Already gone are the days when shelves performed the only function of stand for books. It serves as a platform for placing a minimum of things, and fits perfectly into the framework of the wall space. Increasingly, modern shelves carry a decorative function. The pair of exclusive items is placed on them, and shelf essentially has the function of rather utilitarian nature. Minimalists will definitely like the look of glass shelves and classic fans will be delighted by wooden shelves consoles. 

Functional peculiarities of wall shelves of Italian production

Shelf functional of the Italian furniture products can compete with their own unsurpassed style. That is why the electronic catalog on the site blissinhome.com will be enough to determine the best solution for a specific interior. Choosing the wall Italian shelves should be done taking into account the “accessibility” of models. The freedom of unlimited access to open-type shelves enables interference-free use of objects placed on them. Often heirlooms and valuables are stored on the wall shelves. If you use shelves for this purpose, note the model with glass doors. If installment is performed correctly, any regiment could become a bedside console or nightstand. 

If your living room has a non-standard layout the complete set and the size of each item of furniture set should be pre-defined.

Modern Italian showcases have a modular design and maintain the status of elite furniture, extremely easy-to-set. Modules may be a single unit or be allocated in a separate location. Such elements can be removed or added to the showcase, or pushed at different angles of the premises.

What is a module? This can be a spectacular vitrine, linen closet, cupboard, wardrobe with outerwear, TV stand, bookcase, or bar. Luxury modern premium showcases are merged into the totality of all these furniture components. Luxury furniture from Italy may be very heterogeneous equipment. Current mobile modules form a symbiosis of display cabinets, bookcases, cupboards, chests of drawers, which are connected by sectional ties (often shelves, wall cabinets and stacks are used). Some modules are a combination of wardrobe, cabinets connected to the module, console and corner elements.

Italian showcase has a huge advantage - rapid transformation.

Through the use of wardrobe, great opportunities for internal filling open. Bowels of “furniture giant” may conceal compartments for clothes, shelves for video, slide-out computer desk, home office. 

Another important point is the requirements for illumination of modules. This is particularly true if the set is made of dark wood. Built in point sources of light or mobile light fixtures prevent the appearance of bright glare and provide sufficient illumination.

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