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Fringe furniture from Italian factories creates breeding grounds for judgments and spurs furniture designers to the new creative search. The Art Deco style is characterized by searching new forms, preserving the utilitarian function of the furniture and the creation of absurd outrageous. A creative concept of furniture authors in the Art Deco style will help to turn your dreams into reality, and with bls-house online store it will happen even faster. A redeeming value of Italian furniture samples is its delicate unusual design.

If you prefer the design of the room was filled with outright luxury and chic, you should choose the living room furniture in the Art Deco style.

This style reflects the extraordinary vein. An elegance of design of kitchens and living rooms in the Art Deco style is an attribute of high status and financial situation of the owners of such furniture sets.

This furniture is a real piece of art – a vivid sample of design furniture, often made in single copies.

Lacquered surfaces and an abundance of crystal fill the room with a noble lustre. The furniture surfaces are decorated with distinctive stylish African patterns. On the walls there are images of tropical plants; and decor items abound with female figures, sculptures of mythological animals, expensive paintings, decorated with massive frames.

If we place greater focus on living room furniture set in the Art Deco style, we will notice a prevalence of the combination of white and cream colors with black, silver and golden hues. The interior items are made of genuine leather of exotic animals, ivory, rare wood, marble, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel. Tall headboards in the Art Deco style are upholstered with leather or fabric. In the design of the console tables, bedside tables and chests of drawers can be noticed a stucco, mosaic, animals, exotic birds and languid female figures. European consumers appreciated the quality and reliability of Italian interior items. Such manufacturers as Altamoda, Bitossi Luciano, Elledue, Turri, Sartoria Del Mobile, Pigoli, Mida are the most famous and recognizable all over the world.

Italian living room furniture in the Art Deco style stands out for its beauty and functionality, combined with the latest technical innovations. A good addition to the Art Deco design will be the introduction of "smart house" system.

Living room furniture set in the Art Deco style is a minimalism brought to the level of art.
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