ARLEQUIN bedroom

ARLEQUIN bedroom
ARLEQUIN bedroom

  • ARLEQUIN bed 160x200
  • Baya dresser
  • Baya mirror
  • OBERTINE dressing table
  • ROMANTIQUE pouffe 5016/PT

ElementNamesize (w*d*h), cmWeight, kgVolume, m3Price 
ARLEQUIN bed 160x200ARLEQUIN bed 160x200
€ 8 200
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Baya dresserBaya dresser
€ 5 800
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Baya mirrorBaya mirror
€ 2 748
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OBERTINE dressing tableOBERTINE dressing table
€ 5 994
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ROMANTIQUE pouffe 5016/PTROMANTIQUE pouffe 5016/PT
€ 814
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